Catalpa tree fungal issue.

Asked November 3, 2016, 12:53 PM EDT

I have a fungal infection spreading across my property. I am treating with a root drench of propaconizole . My catalpa trees however look bad so I am using chemical jet micro injectors. The problem: how deep is the xzylem on these tree's? For my oaks a depth of 1.25 inches works but I am getting very little up take at that depth on the catalpa trees.
P.S. I do know that if I am the right depth and there is no uptake that the vascular system may be to far gone. Some of my injectors did unload quickly most did not.

Montgomery County Texas

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Thanks for the question. What are the issues with the Catalpa tree? Can you attach some photos for reference?

If there has been little response, then it is either too far gone... or not the right issue.. Thanks MP.