Help identify fungal growth at base of Japanese maple tree .

Asked November 2, 2016, 10:56 AM EDT

We have two red Japanese maple trees. There are river rocks at the base. There is a gelatin like fungus growing that quickly turns whitish color and hardens like a rock we are wondering if you can help us to identify this and help us to know if we can get rid of this .

Faulkner County Arkansas

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This is a pathogenic fungus known as Ganoderma. It is known as varnish conk and is sometimes used medicinally.

Unfortunately, it has likely invaded the internal tissues of your tree where it is attached. The visible material that you see is a spore-producing fruitbody.

I don't know of remedies for something has developed this far along. You will have to consult with a nursery or arborist to see if there are any chemicals that can be used. The best thing now is to remove the fruitbodies so they don't spread more spores elsewhere.

I agree. It is some kind of Ganoderma species, but I am not certain which kind exactly. It does decay wood, and according to the University of Florida, there is not much you can for the tree once Ganoderma is growing on it: