Mole control

Asked November 1, 2016, 4:41 PM EDT

We have moles in all areas of our yard, including lawn, flower and brush areas, areas adjoining our house. The methods we have tried, have not worked. (Grub control, poison (gas bombs). Is a lawn/trapping company with a maintenance program a reasonable thing to do next?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Our first question is always what is it that is bothering you, and do you know the difference between moles and voles? Primely that moles only eat soil invertebrates like worms and grubs, while vole damage plants and can reproduce to high numbers quickly.
Usually, there are only 2-3 moles in an acre area, which makes controlling them difficult. They are actually considered beneficial, though their tunneling is more noticeable and frustrating when the ground is wet, as their food climbs higher in the soil profile.
Please take a look at the following publication on nuisance wildlife for information on best control options:
We no longer recommend grub control for mole control, or poisons either.