Making English or Butter Toffee

Asked October 30, 2016, 10:51 PM EDT

We are transplants from San Diego, Calif. While there one of my wife's most anticipated delicacies during the Christmas Season was her perfectly crunchy Butter Toffee. It seems that altitude has a lot to do with reaching the correct crackle stage. Can you help? We have visited San Diego during the ensuing time of our residence in Colorado and my wife has made several large batches to bring with us back to Colorado. That is a rather expensive solution to the problem.

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You need to make adjustments for the higher altitude. Water boils at a lower temperature as the altitude increases. Thus, the crackle stage will be at a lower temperature at a higher altitude than at near sea level in San Diego. The booklet "The Art of Candy Making" from Utah State University Extension at this website provide you with a chart to make adjustments in the temperature for crackle stage at the higher altitude in Colorado. Please read and follow the directions on pages 2-3 to make the adjustments needed to avoid overcooking. The page numbers are jumbled on the website, so look at the top of the page for the pages 2-3.