i found your website re well water and how to read a test

Asked October 30, 2016, 2:01 PM EDT

where in arizona payson ( 90 mi north of phoenix) would health dept test water its brown at times and we also have septic problems on the property we rent very worried about the well owner said he has it tested every june it hasnt been done-- do we have to go to independent lab?? my friends sister died from contaminated well water yrs ago and acquired hep c leading to liver cancer--- very concerned and our pets have been sick too diarrhea and coughing my husband and i also we now use bottled water and brita filter but we shower with this water and wash dishes we use bottled water for them now --- po box 2 payson az 85547 928--363--1452 home cell 928--583 4429 thank you for any help rendered mrs Brenda a Rivers

Gila County Arizona

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I am not located in Arizona, but there are some people who work with Arizona Extension that may be able to help you with more specific information. See this publication for their contact information to see if they have a testing program: http://extension.arizona.edu/sites/extension.arizona.edu/files/pubs/az1486f.pdf

There is a list of certified labs in Arizona here: https://app.azdhs.gov/bfs/labs/elbis/drinkingwatertestinglabs/drinkingwatersearchcontentpage.aspx.

Best wishes.