Bloating of the abdomen and anemia of the hind legs.

Asked October 29, 2016, 1:44 PM EDT

I have 13 tree frogs to have which have stopped being able to use their hind legs and have become increasingly bloated. I'm going to add some more calcium to their food but I'm worried it might be bacterial or viral what can I do to check to see the difference. Also the one I found right as his legs stopped working has been sticking his tongue out and convulsing in unusual ways I had one other frog that had these symptoms as well I quarantined him and he passed away this was several months prior but to other frogs also unexplainedly passed away but I never noticed the paralyzed leg on them. They were hiding under one of their habitats where I found them on their bi-weekly full cage clean. 9hours after post 3rd frog losing leg functions slowly no food since yesterday. Not completely sure but might have to roll out compacted stomach from eating too big of a meal 3 frogs is too much of a coincidence I'm thinking bacterial. Or possibly some contaminant that was in the water. I switch them from filtered tap water 2 spring water. I also gave them both oral low levels of calcium mixed with water. And gave them both baths in warm but not hot by any means salt water diluted to 1 teaspoon to a cup of water.bathed them for about a minute and then thoroughly rinsed them off with spring water room temperature I keep a bottle of spring water right next to the aquarium so that it should be about the same temperature.
On a side note when they first showed symptoms of their legs becoming paralyzed and if they fell on their back they would cry out. They seem to lose the ability or the want to cry out several hours after their legs are paralyzed when they fall on their back. Not sure if that's showing some sort of cognitive degeneration.


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Looks like you have done a lot of observation on this issue and are trying to isolate the problem. You do not mention if these frogs were all caught at the same time. And if not, did one of the newly introduced frogs show symptoms first. In any case, I do not think it is MBD and giving them more calcium will not resolve the issue. It is most likely bacterial or viral. If it is viral, there is nothing you can do as there are no antiviral treatments.

There is only one way to know for sure and that is to send a dead frog to a pathologist and have them take a look. Dr. Michael Gardner at Northwest Zoopath in Washington ( is one choice. I am sure there are others. You might want to check out the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians ( and seek out professional advice.

Sorry I could not be more help.

I got lucky and found a top-notch herp vet out of Las Vegas.

Of the three frogs that got sick in a quarantined the smallest of the frogs has fully recovered it seems from his paralyzed legs he never quite got bloated I caught him very early on gave him reptiles calcium with Vitamin B and other reptile multivitamin to be mixed with it from the same brand dusted some crickets and he ate a couple he then the next morning pooped out a chunk of cricket wrapped in dog hair. I'm figuring that's what did it was impaction the other frogs might have a bacterial infection due to the impaction. The frogs that are still bloated or receiving warm water treatment and heat treatment along with the proper dosage of amoxicillin for bacterial infection. I was able to get amoxicillin designed for fish the reptile store owner said that he uses it on his amphibians and reptiles from time to time when they get in bacterial infections and explain to me the dosage. I believe his wife told him who is or was that well she was still with him. All the frogs were caught at slightly different times but it's been well over 6 months to almost a year since I've got any.
What did notice the tiny frogs did seem to get much lighter and skin color right after he passed the inspection the next day. Again thank you very much for your time and consideration on these matters.

Good to hear. I am glad you found a good herp vet.

Just sending a little update to those who have help me with this progressing issue. When do the froggy has almost completely recovered no bloat full functioning legs second froggy bloat down 90% legs have gotten about 70% of Mobility back 3rd froggy still at at least 60% bloat no improvement in legs