Will cutting off branches at the base of 50 foot cypress tree kill it?

Asked October 29, 2016, 10:31 AM EDT

I have 50 foot+ cypress trees in my backyard. The base of these is too thick and overtaking a passage way. I'd like to cut away only the branches at the base to create space for people walking through. Will this kill it? What time of year is best to do

this or does that matter? The pictures show previous trimmings done from previous owner. I want to do the same on the trees that have not been trimmed at all but don't want to kill them.

Santa Clara County California

3 Responses

Just cutting the lower limbs off should not kill the tree. Timing does not really matter where you are as you do not experience severe winter cold. I would do it in January or February before growth begins in the spring.

I'm curious why January or February vs now? Thank you for your response.


You could do now. The answer was habit after the coldest part of winter, but the point was to do it in the dormant period before growth begins.