Flying no C bugs but feel them arou

Asked October 29, 2016, 12:17 AM EDT

Flying no see ing bugs but feel them in hair face ' feet . Can't deem to kill them

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It's hard to give a helpful answer without any idea of what might be causing your symptoms. This isn't meant to sound offensive, but have you given consideration to the possibility that there is a non-insect or non-arthropod (mites, ticks, etc.) cause? I ask that mostly based on my experience that people make the mistake of focusing on a single cause and not being open to considering other explanations. It's not a statement that this is imaginary but simply that you need to consider all possible explanations because I can tell you that, based on my previous experiences, we rarely can find an insect-related cause. We don't discount insects as a potential cause but want to make sure that you'd consulted with both your personal doctor but also specialist such as a dermatologist or allergist (we find that many of these seeming 'biting' insect cases are due to sensitized skin condition of some medical origin).