Late Summer Sweet Corn

Asked October 28, 2016, 11:22 PM EDT

Hello, Is there a sweet corn variety that is southern corn leaf blight resistant? All my late planted corn seems to always get hit in September. It has to be a 75 days or long variety. Short season varieties tassel out at about knee high. This would be the last varieties I plant in mid- July. I would think University test plots have determined what varieties would be the best. I assume it is SCLB. Thanks, Randy M.

Shelby County Indiana

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Sorry no one has gotten back to you, but here's a link to an article that might help: If you can't find any information in it, I suggest you contact your local extension office. Go Purdue!

I did ask Purdue. They never answered the question. Go IU !!!

Purdue is the Ag school in Indiana. IU is the liberal arts school (and has no Ag department.) Each county has an extension agency. Shelby County has a great one!

Yes I know what each school offers. I also know Scott G. our county agent very well. I would just think one of the agricultural universities could give me an answer since they do lots of testing. I have asked three AG schools now. I guess I'll ask ILL. and Ohio St. next.