late bloomer

Asked October 28, 2016, 3:34 PM EDT

my garden is done all but few tomatoes. I thought i had kale growing late but upon further inspection,its broccoli and the stalk is very long and at the bottom, its roots are showing and they are sideways. Do i place a mound of soil around the base or dig a hole and hope for the best if i try to re-plant.maybe some root grow either way? I'm fairly new at this and I had an awesome garden last year (first year here) then this year NOTHING grew.except squash and zucchini and tomatoes and of course,black raspberries and red raspberries are thriving but they always broccoli till now,no green onions(and i planted some every two weeks), no carrots,peppers,cukes, but i have started compost and will fertilize (chicken coop at neighbors) for next year.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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The broccoli is not going to do much at this point. Harvest what you can including the leaves.See more on growing broccoli

As far as the rest of your garden, do not give up.
Many environmental factors can contribute to low yields such as poor soils, low soil pH, poorly drained soils, hot or cool weather, and excessive rainfall. Plants grown under poor conditions will not produce adequate foliage or yields.

You should begin by testing your soil. Results will give pH, liming, and nutrient deficiencies. See this article on Soil Testing.

Incorporate plenty of organic matter such as compost, leaf mold, or well-rotted manure. See this article for more information on Compost.

Learn the specific needs of all the crops you grow to achieve maximum success. Make sure you provide adequate spacing, sunlight, water and nutrients, and mulching to prevent weed growth, managing diseases and insects, and preventing wildlife damage. See this publication for more information on Low Yields/Undersize Fruits and Vegetables.

See our vegetable profiles for the plants that you want to grow Vegetables and look at the common problems for each vegetable.

Also, view our five steps to a vegetable garden at Get Started Growing Vegetables.