Obtaining a PA License for lawn weed and fertization application

Asked October 28, 2016, 1:50 PM EDT

HI, I am inquiring how one obtains a license for commercial application of lawn fertilizer and weed control.. Please include the cost of obtaining and maintaining the license as well. Thank you. Janice Yanofsky

Cumberland County Pennsylvania integrated pest management pesticide safety

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Hi Janice:
You would need a category 7 pesticide applicator license if you want to apply herbicides commercially. If you just want to apply fertilizer, you would just need a commercial business license. To obtain the category 7 license, you would have to pass the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Core exam ($50) and the Category 7 exam ($10). You need 6 core credits and 6 category credits accumulated over a 3 year period to keep you license active. Penn State Extension and other organizations have classes. I hold a number in the Capital Area that would get you the credits. The cost depends on the program. You can find more information on obtaining a license here: