Obtaining a PA License for lawn weed and fertization application

Asked October 28, 2016, 1:50 PM EDT

HI, I am inquiring how one obtains a license for commercial application of lawn fertilizer and weed control.. Please include the cost of obtaining and maintaining the license as well. Thank you. Janice Yanofsky

Cumberland County Pennsylvania

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Hi Janice:
You would need a category 7 pesticide applicator license if you want to apply herbicides commercially. If you just want to apply fertilizer, you would just need a commercial business license. To obtain the category 7 license, you would have to pass the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Core exam ($50) and the Category 7 exam ($10). You need 6 core credits and 6 category credits accumulated over a 3 year period to keep you license active. Penn State Extension and other organizations have classes. I hold a number in the Capital Area that would get you the credits. The cost depends on the program. You can find more information on obtaining a license here: