Insects in new build house

Asked October 26, 2016, 7:59 PM EDT

Hi, we have moved into a new build home in the last 9 months. The last few months of the build were quite rainy. Since around may we have had a problems with springtails. Mostly at the patio area at the back door and they then appear in all the outer window ledges. They were managing to get into the kitchen from where they were spotted most at the patio area. I have since had pest control to spray insecticide so hopefully this will work. In the last few weeks I have now noticed small brown insects crawling along skirting boards in the living room. They usually scurry along the top of the skirting board and seem to come out more at night. I have since vacuumed all the edges and sprayed insecticide where I have noticed them. They are not the same as the springtails, they look more like lice or mites. I wondered if they could be plaster beetle? We Alain have soil lining one side of our with some plants. This is the edge of a footpath. Could there be a problem as the soil is right up to the edge of our wall and I would imagine will be damp most of the time now the winter is coming in? Any help appreciated, I don't want this getting worse. Thanks in advance.

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It will help to know where you are located.