Plant Identification

Asked October 25, 2016, 9:04 PM EDT

Would you please tell me what these three plants are called? Thank you. Mary Jo

Charles County Maryland

2 Responses

1. This looks like one of the viburnums. In order to pin down the species, send us a photo of the flowers in spring. The color of the berries is also helpful in identification. Viburnums are generally carefree and highly desirable shrubs.

2. This is summersweet, also known by its botanical name, clethra. This is a wonderful native shrub that has fragrant blooms in summer and is very attractive to butterflies. A winner. Also carefree.

3. This is bridal wreath spirea--Spirea prunifolia. This shrub is not native (Asian). It has cascades of small flowers in spring. Doesn't look great the rest of the year and will need thinning of old branches. But generally a low maintenance shrub.


Thanks so much for your assistance. MJ