Accumulated zinc in natural swimming pond filled by rainwater from galvanized roof

Asked October 25, 2016, 4:24 AM EDT

Will trace zinc in rainwater collected from a galvanized barn roof accumulate in a lined pond over time to injure or inhibit wapato, bull rushes, and/or cattails?

We may try eating the wapato too. Apparently it is a good starch and quite tasty with a salmon bake.

Hood River County Oregon

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Simple answer: no. But I am not a chemist. Remember, zinc is an essential element in our diet. Yes, too much of anything is not good, but you're on pretty safe ground here. You bbq? There are far more hydrocarbons in charcoal and 1 serving (any burnt meat) than you'll get from zinc in a pond. Any zinc to the water must leach through the ground, reside in the water, be injested by the fish and eaten by you. So have no fear....except maybe for the upcoming election! :)