Purchased 10 acres with 20-30 Peach trees needing some TLC maybe more

Asked October 24, 2016, 11:34 PM EDT

I recently purchased 10 acres in Van Zandt in the town of Edgewood, TX. It has 20-30 peach trees some very questionable shape. I would like to salvage what I can then augment with other fruit bearing trees possibly grapes/olives if I can pull that off.
However, I need some guidance on soil, irrigation and want to invest wisely with my efforts bearing the most probable success. Is there any initial guidance I can get and possible site evaluation from an expert?

Van Zandt County Texas

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two things -

#1 - have you ran a soil test? If not - that should be done to give you a base line for fertility not only for the trees that are there - but also for the trees you are wishing to establish.

#2 - I am sure with what you are saying about the questionable shape of the peach trees that they have not been maintained with trimming/shaping, but probably also not on a good spray program for insect and disease.

I might need to come out and look over the trees with you to see if they are in a state that can be salvaged.

Please email me directly at: ct-phillips@tamu.edu