Asked October 24, 2016, 8:54 PM EDT

Is there a way to determine if a cottonwood tree (I am estimating is 100 years old) needs to be cut down. I love the tree and it provides great shade in the summer. It had a "twin", a double tree, that I think shared a root base, but separate trunks. The twin was apparently struck by lightening years ago and I had that side downed in 2007, leaving 12-15 ft. of the trunk. There has always been 'dead' limbs in the tree, but I really want to know if I need to take rest of tree, as if it falls on it's own it would damage house. Do you have anyone, who can assess the tree. I live in Swea City, 50590

Kossuth County Iowa

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There are no extension specialists that assess the condition of trees. Your best option to get the opinion of one or arborists or tree care professionals in your area (possibly Algona, the Great Lakes region, or Fairmont, Minnesota).