Pruning Roses and Hydrangeas in the Fall

Asked October 24, 2016, 6:05 PM EDT

I have a Winnipeg Parks, an Easy Elegance My Girl rose, and several Champlain roses. Some things I've read say not to cut them back in the fall, but the Winnipeg Parks rose is 3 feet tall. Also, wonder about cutting back Little Lime hydrangeas that are about 1 1/2 feet tall.

Brown County South Dakota

1 Response

Thanks for your question about pruning roses and hydrangeas. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any publications from any South Dakota university, so I had to turn to North Dakota, where I found this article: (You'll need to cut and paste it). The pages aren't numbered, but pruning and winter care are on pages 4 and 5. Here is another resource for midwest rose gardening: As for hydrangeas, I was also unable to find any university publication, but this article specifically mentions pruning and care of the Little Lime Hydrangea: In both cases, depending on how much snow you get, you want to protect the plant structure from breakage from the weight of the snow during the winter. You don't want to prune when the plant is putting on foliage or blooms, so, if you feel you need to prune this fall, wait until the plant is dormant. You can cover them with a structure to protect them from the weight, and then take off the deadwood and excess stems and branches before they begin again to grow in the spring. Hope this is helpful!