creeping charlie

Asked October 24, 2016, 10:21 AM EDT

Hi! My daughter just purchased her first home. The back yard is covered with creeping charlie. We really do not want to use round up, as she wants a garden in part of the area next year. We are trying to use less toxic products in our lawns, due to medical concerns. There are also some desirable plants, magnolia, lime light hydrangea, abutting the area and surrounding these plants. How do you recommend we get rid of this? Should we start treatment now in the fall? Thank you for your help!!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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This is one of the very best times to treat Creeping Charlie. As it is preparing to go into dormancy, it will draw the herbicide down into the roots. Read the labels of a broadleaf herbicide (not a Round Up or other non-selective herbicide) and make sure it lists Creeping Charlie. Or, if you are at a garden center, make sure the personnel can find the correct one for you. Charlie spreads both by roots and seeds so it will have to be treated again next spring and probably several times after that. A broadleaf weed killer will not harm your shrubs. You also can dig it out but if it is a large patch, that is really too labor intensive. Here is info on Charlie: