Bay tree winter hardy?

Asked October 24, 2016, 8:05 AM EDT

I live in Baltimore City, midtown, warmer here than Mt. Washington or Towson. I have a 5-year bay tree in a pot; about 2 ft tall with new growth from its summer outside. I have received conflicting answers re leaving it outside for the winter; have not so far, usually bring it inside. So my question to you is: can I leave my Bay tree outside for the winter? And, is there anything I should do to winterize it (mulch, cover, e.g.?). Thank you, Baltimore City

Baltimore Maryland

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The bay laurel is not hardy here and will have to be moved indoors before a frost (now). Inspect your plants for any insect problems. You can spray with a growing rate of horticultural oil on the upper and lower leaves to prevent insect problems. Follow label directions. See the attached link for overwintering indoors.