Young Trees - Wrapping

Asked October 23, 2016, 2:39 PM EDT

Hi- I planted two young dwarf apple trees and a young Kentucky Coffee tree this year. I was reading a piece on Northern Minnesota and trees and it said to wrap the trucks and then remove it in the spring. Should I wrap the lower trunks on the young trees for the winter. I live in Lakeville, Minnesota and not in the region the article was talking about. Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Anne

Dakota County Minnesota horticulture tree wrapping

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Young trees need to be wrapped in the winter to prevent sunscald. When the sun reflects off snow in the winter, it heats the bark and it expands. Nightfall and temps drop and the bark contracts. Expand/contract/expand/contract. By spring you will have a crack running down the trunk. You also may want to protect your young trees from rabbits an voles. They will eat the bark and if they eat all the way around, your tree is 'girdled' and will die from that point up. Trees need to be protected until their bark is rough. Here is a link. Please read the sections on Winter Protection and Animal Damage on newly planted trees: