Butterflies in Northern Ontario, Canada

Asked October 22, 2016, 1:48 PM EDT

I line in a northern Ontario, Canada town - Elliot Lake. It is slightly north/east off the tip of Michigan It does get cold ! But I would be interested in planning a butterfly garden if possible. I have a half acre. Any advice on this ? I would like to work with a Consultant, as this might be well worth the advice. Thanks, Larry

Outside United States

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Hi Larry,

There are two general types of butterfly gardens. One provides season-long sources of nectar for (adult) butterflies by planting different species for a succession of flowers to bloom from spring through fall.

The other type of butterfly garden, such as a monarch garden, provides a variety of flowering plants but also provides the exact kinds of plants that butterflies use to raise their young (caterpillars). These are called larval host plants. For monarchs, it would mean planting lots of milkweeds, Asclepias species.

Since I am not close enough to you to recommend local consultants, I would start by talking with the staff of the Fletcher Wildlife Gardens in the Ottawa area. They also have literature on plants that might be suitable for your climate and soil. They are: Fletcher Wildlife Garden, Prince of Wales Drive (just south of the Dominion Arboretum), fletcher@ofnc.ca> 613 234-6767

Good luck!

Michele S.