Planting tulip bulbs now in container to survive the winter.

Asked October 22, 2016, 11:48 AM EDT

I constructed a flower box out of cedar wood approximately 60" long x 10" deep by 12" tall, see attached image. I plan to plant tulip bulbs in it, store it over the winter, and then relocate it outside in the spring. What type of soil should I use and where/how should I store it to assure it survives the winter? Also, does it need any special attention during the winter. I have an unheated garage and an unheated 3-seasons porch available, the latter is exposed to sunlight if it's relevant. Thank You, Mike Jarzynski

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Growing bulbs in pots can be done with a good bagged garden soil. Bulbs should be planted similar depth to what is instructed for outside. The bulbs must be kept a consistent cold temperature. Attached garages can work well for this. Once planted they will need to be kept moist throughout the winter. Test the soil with your finger. If not damp one inch down gently water the container. When it starts to warm up in the spring you can begin slowly acclimating the bulbs to the outside by bring the container out for longer periods of time until you leave it out full time. All the best!

How do I keep the soil moist if the container is kept in an unheated garage during a Minnesota winter? It will most likely drop below freezing sometime during the winter. Thanks

You only need to water if the soil is not frozen.