Why does my aloe vera plant keep falling out of the soil?

Asked October 21, 2016, 6:18 PM EDT

I had a very nice aloe vera plant. But more and more I keep finding more of it dead or falling out of the soil. Some are just laying on top of the soil. Also do it need to be in direct light or indirect.


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The Aloe Vera plant, Aloe barbadensis does well when left alone. Too much tender care and they die. Allow me go over the basic care of an Aloe and perhaps you will notice something you can change in caring for your next aloe plant. Aloe Vera needs well drained potting soil--a cactus mix is best. It only needs fertilizer every 3 months. Use a liquid fertilizer for houseplants and diluted it by half, never full strength. When watering your Aloe plant you should water it thoroughly then allow the soil to dry well before watering again. Aloe Vera is thought to be a cactus but it is really a succulent so over watering will cause it to rot at the base of the plant. Finally, find a sunny spot in your home avoiding drafty locations for you plant. Because you have a succulent and they are filled with water, drafts can cause soft spot to occur as though the plant became cold/freezing in that one area. Follow these basic care recommendation and you should have no more problems. A