best way to rid our house of fleas (that the cats brought in)?

Asked October 21, 2016, 2:13 PM EDT

OUr cats (who often escape to the outdoors, despite our best efforts) have brought fleas into our house! Our vet recommended Frontline Plus for treating the cats. He said the treatment will kill or arrest the development of all the fleas on the cats, and as the cats roam around the house they will pick up any other fleas hiding in the carpet, etc. Question: 1) is that information accurate? 2) is Frontline (on the cats) sufficient to clear the house of fleas? 3) what is the recommended treatment for getting fleas out of the house? Obviously, we want to avoid/minimize use of toxic chemicals.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Look at our publication on fleas. It offers information on Control Indoors and Control on the Pet.
You will have to use a combination strategy to rid your home of fleas. Protection on the cats will not get rid of the fleas in the house. You will have to vacuum your home in all areas where the pet travels as well as where the pet sleeps, dispose of the vacuum bag, clean the pet bedding on a regular basis, steam clean the carpets, and use of residual insecticides which contain a growth regulator most likely will be needed.
Do not let the cats roam the neighborhood.