What's eating my Plants

Asked October 21, 2016, 5:45 AM EDT

Small bite marks (plants & trees) leaves turn Dk Brown, then Black. I've looked very close, continuously, see no critters crawling except Lizards&Ants.

Orange County Florida

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Good Afternoon,

I see you have a tree and an herbaceous perennial in the pictures. The perennial is showing signs of a fungal or bacterial pathogen. The tree appears to have been fed on by some leaf chewing pest and shows some signs of dieback from the leaf tips.

Foliage chewing insects are not always resident on the plant they feed on. Many are adult creatures and capable of flying or walking away quickly. Many also hide for daylight hours or utilize camouflage that can keep them well hidden.

These photographs aren't enough for me to make a truly positive ID. I can understand your concerns and want to help you get to help. Try calling on your local cooperative extension office in Orange County.


They'll be familiar with your local situation and will be more likely to get you information quickly.

They do not turn dk/brn until after bitten, but thanks, I will contact them.
would you like to know their response when received?

1 response, waiting on another one,,,,,different source,,,,same place.

Little Leaf Notcher weevil or the Apopka Weevil

Both are treatable but you will need to be familiar with the lifecycles to ensure you get control.