Hi, can someone identify this snake?

Asked October 20, 2016, 3:12 PM EDT


Does anyone know what kind of snake this is and is it poisonous?


Collin County Texas

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HI. It is difficult and dangerous to identify a snake from a photo. the tail is not in the photo so the assumption is you have noticed rattles. From the shape of the head It does not appear to be one of the poisonous species. The pit vipers have a spade shaped head. it is for sure not a coral snake. The Rat snakes, Hog nosed snakes and some water snakes have similar patterns. It takes a closer examination of the head and patterns to separate them.

Even these non-poisonous species can be aggressive and bite, so you should steer clear if possible.

To learn more about snakes and control here is link to some online resources: