Fall watering of strawberrys

Asked October 20, 2016, 7:04 AM EDT

We are in late fall now with some frost in early mornings. It has been dry for some time now and I am wondering about watering my strawberrys this time of year.

Barnes County North Dakota

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The answer to your question depends on if your strawberries are dormant. June-bearing strawberries will continue to grow and produce runners until they go dormant in late fall. If the leaves are brown and dead, there is no use in watering. If the leaves are still green, it does not hurt to give them a final watering if your area has been dry. Make sure not to over-water because you do not want the roots to rot over the winter.

Do not fertilize strawberries in fall. We don't want to encourage overly lush fall growth because this may result in winter kill.