zinc sulfate on peach trees

Asked October 19, 2016, 1:11 PM EDT

Interesting to find this after my recent visit to Palisade, CO after my nephew's wedding in Dillon. Grew apples and some plums/pears/sour cherries/raspberries at Gibbsville Orchard, Sheboygan Co, WI for 15 years. Now have 35 acres four miles SW as a "hobby". Soil is 7-7.3/7.5 pH. Have read that sulfur is good to apply to prevent leaf curl after leaf fall and before bud break. In reading the site from Co State, it suggests a tablespoon zinc sulfate to a gallon water. Could you recommend a good source of zInc sulfate if indeed you agree with this remedy? Apparently, the zinc(and sulfur help with the rather high pH conditions(?).....Also(as a snowbird), am growing citrus in Arizona on a small scale with quite a bit of success. See pic of my front yard grapefruit that I (believe or not) planted in the sixties as a kid in Wisconsin and grew in sort of bonsai form in my parents house for 40+ years. First delicious gf this past spring! Once fruit growing gets in your blood, it never leaves.

Mike Czysh

Waldo, WI

Sheboygan County Wisconsin

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Hello, Mike!

First, this would be a great resource for you regarding when to spray for what: https://ag.purdue.edu/hla/Hort/Documents/ID-465.pdf

This Midwest Fruit Tree Spray Guide explains exactly when to spray for exactly what you're dealing with ... and provides quantities and types, too! It looks like a copper spray is best for leaf curl (and keep in mind, it requires really good coverage of leaves).

Having grown up in California, I miss the citrus trees everywhere! It's far easier to grow fruits in the West ... so enjoy all the grapefruits you can get!


Thanks, Christy for your response. Mike C