bamboo dying

Asked October 19, 2016, 12:24 PM EDT

I have bamboo that grows around the border of my backyard. I really like it because it helps hide my neighbor's houses and makes us feel like we aren't even in the city. Lately it has been dying off. A lot of die off. It seemed to have grown well this past spring and then all that new growth died. We thought about bringing in new dirt and adding that but, then someone suggested that it may be "cotton root rot." How do I know? What can I do to save this bamboo.

Tarrant County Texas

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Hard to say what's causing the die off but there has been no known case of Cotton Root Rot hitting bamboo. Bamboo is in the grass family and as far as we know its not susceptible to Cotton Root Rot. My guess is maybe the soil just got to water logged early in the year and the roots rotted? Most people can't kill it so I would thing as hardy as it is it should come back soon.