Fruit tree pruning?

Asked October 18, 2016, 9:11 PM EDT

Hello Expert,
Where/how can I learn to properly prune and do pest control on my fruit trees, primarily apple?

Eaton County Michigan

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Michigan State doesn't have a lot of home owner information on pruning fruit trees. I find that most people really want to see someone do the pruning rather than reading about how to prune. I suggest you go to YouTube and search for pruning fruit trees. There are a lot of videos up there. Techniques vary and a lot depends on the age of the tree you are wanting to prune.
As for pest control an apple scab program should start when the leaves emerge and continue past bloom until the apples are about the size of walnuts. This means you will be spraying a fungicide about every 7 to 10 days to cover the leaves and protect them from the apple scab fungus. You need to spray more often when it is rainy since the rain is required for infection and also washes off the fungicide. After bloom you need to include insecticides to prevent insects from attacking the fruit. Many people will use a homeowner fruit tree mix which includes both a fungicide and an insecticide together. A lot of states do have home owner fruit spray schedules posted on the internet. Here is one from Purdue in Indiana.