We want to farm our 2 acre plot and donate food, but we dont' know where to begin

Asked October 18, 2016, 11:55 AM EDT

We don't have any experience with this, but thought it would be wonderful to farm this 2 acres, raising chickens and honey bees and also have some gardens for food that we can donate to local charities. We don't have much to offer but the land, and the passion to help and some time. Can you help steer us in the right direction and do you know anyone to volunteer to help get us started and farm the land?

Mecklenburg County North Carolina poultry bees small farm management

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Thank you for containing Cooperative Extension. We would be happy to work with you to help you learn what all is involved in growing food crops and to share our educational resources with you. We are an educational agency and can not provide labor, and we can help you learn what to do. We do work with a couple of sites who do similar work on a smaller scale if you want to see their operations.

In addition, there are numerous agencies that accept donations of food if you want some suggestions when you get to that stage of planning. it is probably good to talk with them early on to see what requirements they may have to accept donations.

My phone number is 704-336-4015 if you want to call our office to discuss this further. Thanks for thinking about helping others!