Korean lilac dying

Asked October 18, 2016, 11:15 AM EDT

I have a question about my lilac bushes. One is about 20 years old and appears to be dying. It bloomed in the spring but looks like it is dying this fall. I already lost the one next to it that was 12 years old. The leaves shriveled up on the 12 year old lilac and the branches become very soft and then crisp. This happened in the fall and then it didn't come back in the spring. The two lilacs are close to each other. I don't see any insect activity.

Jefferson County Colorado

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I am sorry but is is hard to determine what specifically happened to your Lilacs. Possibilities include: Freeze damage from the polar vortex in November of 2014, Oxygen starvation caused by a soil issue such as over-watering or plastic ground- cover under the rock mulch, lilac/ash borers tunneling through the stems at the crown, or The plants have succumbed to verticillium wilt. If you would like to bring in a sample of the lower crown and roots to the Jefferson County Plant diagnostic clinic we may be able to determine the cause of the lilac's demise.