Strange mushrooms on tree roots

Asked October 17, 2016, 9:26 PM EDT

These mushrooms showed up after heavy rains a week or so ago. The appear to be growing along the roots of a rather large maple tree. Should I be concerned about trees health?

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This looks like armillaria, a parasitic fungi that grows on and damages tree roots. Most mushrooms are benign and simply live on already dead plant material, but not armillaria. It is destructive. Do an online search and look at the photos.

There is no cure. Here is our website page about them:


So it sounds as though I should have the tree removed? It is rather large and if it fell, could damage the power lines to my house.

Certainly, the tree should be evaluated by a certified arborist. The following website should help you find one in your area,

Also, see the following publication,