Puffballs in lawns

Asked October 17, 2016, 2:53 PM EDT

Immediately after the recent rain ended these puffballs appeared In prolific on numbers lawns. Some in lines about 10 feet long. I am a new hobbyist and like to identify mushrooms. I uploaded photos.I hope they made it. Thank you offering to help. Bill The gills on the open ones are a light chocolate brown.

Jackson County Oregon

3 Responses

These are not puffballs. Puffballs do not have gills. If the gills in immature specimens turn from pink to chocolate brown when mature, they are probably species of Agaricus. Agaricus has both poisonous and edible species, so a closer look would be needed to determine the species.

I should have known, by virtue of the many real puffballs that I have seen that they remain puffballs and do not morph into something else. I don't intend to eat these. I know of three wild mushrooms that I will eat. I will eat others only when absolutely sure. Thank you for your reply. Bill Cuccaro

Good for you. Enjoy the mushroom season!