Puffballs - Edible?

Asked October 17, 2016, 1:56 PM EDT

I've read that the round white puffballs (Calvatia, Calbovista, Lycoperdon) fungi growing this time of year in my field are edible. I researched online and found photos and instructions how to determine if they are edible. Sources included the Mycological Society of San Franscisco and foragerchef.com, as well as hunters and others on YouTube videos complete with recipes. I haven't sliced into them yet, but would like a local opinion before I do. Thank you,

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1 Response

Though puffballs can be edible, we cannot help you with this over the internet and suggest that you not do this on your own because of the risk of poisoning. We'd recommend that you contact a local mycological association online and get direct knowledgeable and experienced help. (There is a Washington Mycological Society.)