Paw paw?

Asked October 16, 2016, 5:43 PM EDT

Wandering if this is paw paw. The tree has no fruir, but am pretty sure thay fits for the time of year.
The leaf is maybe 5-6 inches wide and maybe 10-12 inches long. Serrated edges. Fuzzy underside and like very fine sandpaper on top.
Is this a Pawpaw?

Shannon County Missouri

3 Responses

Perhaps a pawpaw. They fruit in September and October. I usually need a look at the bark and twigs to say for sure. The leaves look a bit like the shagbark hickory or the shellbark hickory.

paw paw leaves are not serrated but smooth. I would lean toward a hickory. Look for hickory nuts on the ground. Below are characteristics of the paw paw leaf.

  • broad, flat
  • simple
  • not lobed
  • smooth margins, entire
  • alternate
  • without needle-like bristles
  • not heart-shaped
  • widest toward tip
  • stems very short, 5" to 20" long