Flying Swarms in fall

Asked October 16, 2016, 5:33 PM EDT

We just moved to a new house further into the country and we are in the process of learning and understanding the bugs and animals that we are finding in our yard. Sunday it warmed up and we had direct sunlight on many parts of the yard, specifically stone walls, around a gazebo and in a few flower beds. We kept seeing bugs flying up into the air in these areas. We went out to inspect the ground and saw swarms of ant like bugs flying around. As we walked around the yard we saw at least 10 more similar swarms, all in direct sunlight and all flying up. After doing some basic research online it looks like it's mating ants but we wanted to double check that this is the right time of the year for that and not termite swarms. So, thats my question, was this weekend Ant Mating Day??

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

Termites swarm in the spring. Most likely you were noticing a type of odiferous ant and there may be several types this time of year. In the fall you may see a winged mating stage. This can be common and no control is necessary.