Yellow day lily seedlings

Asked October 16, 2016, 3:21 PM EDT

Hi, I am a relatively new gardener and I was trying to grow some yellow day lilies from seed. After a month in the fridge I was able to get the seeds to germinate. My question is, can I plant then outside in the next 3 weeks or so when they get a bit bigger or is it too late now for them to survive the winter?

Howard County Maryland

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Daylilies are pretty hardy. If the root system is large enough, you can try planting outside and protecting them with shredded leaves. Otherwise, you can try a protected area like a garage.
Seed produced by daylilies is generally open pollinated and each seed can produce offspring with different appearing flowers. If the plants survive, it may take several years for them to bloom.


Thanks so much for your response MH. What would you say a large enough root system (golf ball size or tennis ball) is and how long might that take to develop ? When would you say is an estimated dead line to try for outdoors? Thanks so much

Roots will continue to grow as long as soil temperatures remain above freezing.This condition can persist into December.