Hydrangea pruning

Asked October 15, 2016, 2:11 PM EDT

We moved into our new house in late August. It has 4 beautiful hydrangea shrubs. I think one is limelight but the other three are pink and flowers are not clustered as tight. I have searched online for advice on pruning but am still confused on if it's OK to prune now or if I should wait until late winter. Also, how short can they be pruned so they are not so large next year? Thanks for any advice.

Chisago County Minnesota

1 Response

Hydrangea paniculata “Limelight” is a panicle hydrangea that blooms on new growth. Your other three hydrangea may also be Hydrangea paniculata cultivars. You should prune them back in late winter or early spring. You can cut them back to the ground or if you want taller plants, cut them back to 1-3 feet. You can also reduce the size of your hydrangeas by doing some rejuvenation pruning, which is selectively removing several of the largest stems near ground level. This should be done in late winter or early spring.