Best grass for shade and occasional salt water flooding

Asked October 14, 2016, 3:53 AM EDT

I live in Lynnhaven Colony in Virginia Beach which is subject to tidal surges which floods a good portion of my lawn with salt water. During and after heavy rains and tidal surges the wash created by vehicles driving though the water has washed away my existing fescue lawn. Most of my lawn is also in shade from tall live oak and pine trees. What would be the best grass for me to use. I am thinking about building up the front lawn by about 3-4 inches and putting in sod since seed keeps getting washed away.
Attached photos show the extent of the flooding during tidal surges in Oct. 2015 and current state of the same area from the heavy rains and tidal surges from hurricane Mathew.
Thanks for your assistance with this matter.
Tom Davis

Virginia Beach Virginia

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Hello Tom,
You have a difficult situation. There are choices such as Seashore Paspalum and St. Augustinegrass both warm season grasses but you will have to read up and make your choice. I am including a link from Virginia Turfgrass manuel with will help you make a decision. You can also plant native salt tolerant plants in the area in the picture and create a lovely garden. Let us know if you have further questions. A


You may also want to talk to the folks at the Hampton Roads AREC which, despite the name, is in Virginia Beach on Diamond Springs Road. One of the things they do is turfgrass trials. They may have more information or an idea for an alternative ground cover that would suit your situation. Their main number is (757) 363-3900.