Ripening Rose HIps

Asked October 14, 2016, 1:06 AM EDT

My rose bushes were prematurely over-pruned and all the rose hips were cut off. I have 49 rose hips, ranging in size from a large pea, to a small golf ball, which I had hoped to consume for their health benefits once they were ripe. So I trimmed the stems to 3 to 4 inches and put them in a glass of cold water. Is there any way I can encourage them to ripen so I can use them, or can they be used while they are still very green?

Multnomah County Oregon rose hips horticulture

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Rose hips should be harvested after they have turned at least orange, and better red. They are sweeter after the first frost. Green hips may not have any pulp and/or may not have good flavor. You could try your green rose hips by first rinsing in cold water. Then cut off both the blossom end and the stem end and dry them. Remove the seeds, now dry them. Because your hips are green, I would make tea from them now to insure the flavor is acceptable. If the flavor is good, you can freeze or dry them for storage and have them available for recipes.

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