Papaya (paw paw) tree

Asked October 14, 2016, 12:55 AM EDT

Is my papaya tree hermaphrodite (bisexual)? Please help to identify .

Outside United States

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The flower, along with most of the others) in the center of the picture appears to be a male. It does look like there may be a few perfect (containing both functional male and female parts) flower buds higher up. These will be the center and larger flower at each cluster. It's not uncommon for these plants to be "gender-benders". Hopefully, some of these will be perfect in your case, so you can get fruit.

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I have heard that during high temperatures tree flowers tends towards maleness . Is it correct ? And when the temperatures will be normal , it will produce perfect flowers right ?

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Yes, you are correct, as long as the plants have some tendency toward hermaphrodytic flowers (there are about six different types of flowers on papaya, with gradients of hermaphordytes). Higher nitrogen can also push the plants more toward the production of female flowers.