transplant lilies now?

Asked October 13, 2016, 4:49 PM EDT

I have a group of 5 or 6 lilies that I want to move to another location. I'm not sure of the type, but they are about 4 feet tall and the blossoms are a bright orange. The advice I've found online generally says to transplant them in the fall, after the stems have turned brown and withered. My lilies' stems and leaves are still a bright green with no sign of wilting. Should I wait, or is it OK to transplant them now? Thanks in advance for your reply! --Jill

Hennepin County Minnesota lilies

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Actually it is somewhat late to transplant them. The usual recommendation is late summer to early fall. So you should move them right away. Dig deep - sometimes the bulb is hard to get to. Here is a reference:

Dennis, thanks for your answer. I guess I should have transplanted them earlier even though they were all still green. Every source I found said to wait until they turn brown! I won't be able to move them for 2 more days (Wednesday). Is it too risky to move them this late? Should I just leave them alone?

I'd transplant them now. Again, did deep. My experience is that it can be hard to get to the bulb.

Thank you.