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Asked October 13, 2016, 1:10 PM EDT

I bought this plant a couple months ago from a local nursery. Even then i was unfamiliar with it, though as im still a novice at this that's nothing new. I lost the identifying placard during a subsequent windstorm though i didn't think much about it at the time since i remembered the directions for its care, if nothing else. It didn't become an issue an until a group of us here locally got together (via facebook or otherwise) in an attempt to do what we can for the bee population and this guy is its very own wifi hotspot. I have rather large bougainvillea and oleander lining the front and one side of my house and they bring in more than their fair share of traffic but foot for foot the little guy is in a class of its own. That being the case, im rather eager to share it with everyone else but for the life of me i cant figure out what it is. Im 95% certain that it's a succulent, and its flowers only open during the morning. I don't know if that's in response to light, temperature, or its own internal clock.

Mohave County Arizona

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This looks like a yellow ice plant