Reseeding fescue after flood

Asked October 13, 2016, 12:48 PM EDT

I have a few acres of mature fescue in which about 1/3 dried up and died this summer and crabgrass moved in. I cut the field before crabgrass seeded out and reseeded with fescue (broadcasted the seed and then culti-packed in) a week before those acres were flooded by Fishing Creek for 2 days.

Shall I assume the seed was washed away?

The ground is dry enough to tractor over now. Can I still reseed at this time?

Warren County North Carolina

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Is this a pasture? If so, then I recommend you contact the Warren County Livestock Extension Agent (Kelsey Lichtenwalner, 252-257-3640). That being said, I think there is a risk that your seed was washed away. In a home lawn, we recommend sowing tall fescue in late-August to early-September. So it would definitely be on the late side to sow now. You would be taking a risk that the seedlings would not be very big before growth slows due to cold weather.

Yes this is a pasture.
Thank you

Yes, it is safe to say that your fescue seed was washed away in the flood. The good news is that you can definitely reseed your pasture! You'll probably have to wait an extra week - just to let the fescue grow to the desired 8-10 inches tall - before grazing. However, since tall fescue can produce and grow well into December, loosing a week of grazing is a drop in the bucket.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! If you can't reach us on the Ask the Expert app, you can always give us a call at the Warren County Cooperative Extension Office at (252) 257-3640.