Networking Issue Home computers

Asked October 13, 2016, 10:13 AM EDT

Since update to Windows 10 unable to Network Home Computer to Laptop. Home Computer does not "see" Laptop. I am using IP address of home computer so lap top can see it. Can't seem to recreate that process of using IP address from home computer to lap top. Home Group is not working. I have pinged the lap from the home computer. Both OS are W10

Robertson County Tennessee

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Since we are in the same county, give me a call at 615-384-7936 and we can set up a time to check out the issue with your computer sinc.

Judy Kovach

Hi Judy. I am out of town until tomorrow afternoon. I have determined the problem is being caused by the firewall on my computer (laptop.). I am running Avast Pro. I have made some adjustments to the firewall based on info from folks on the web that are having the same issue. Still not working.

To next step is to contact Avast. Don't know how long that will take, though. I can work around the problem. Just turn the firewall off. Let me know if you have any suggestions in the mean time.
Grace Lavinder

Some time ago I had a similar problem, Only I didn't want the two computers to sinc. I started over with the installation of the laptop computer. I moved the two to separate locations. In your case, you might want to reinstall the laptop. If you have stuff saved on the hard drive, put it on a jump drive because you will loose it. The you restore the hard drive to the factory setting after that is completed you start the installation over. It took me about two days, off and on to get it completed. Check your settings to make sure the two computers will sinc. Also watch the screen for prompts. There will be some times when it will take several minutes.