Ash Tree Infestation

Asked October 12, 2016, 10:57 AM EDT

I have a 60 ft Ash tree that borders my driveway. I had the tree assessed by a company who said that it had been infested by an ash borer and would not respond to any treatment at this point. The condition of the tree deteriorated pretty quickly and I am hoping there is a way to save it. I would like to have an independent evaluation of the tree conducted and would hope that you have recommendations. Also, is there a treatment that would make sense at this point? It looks like about 2/3 of the tree has been affected. Thank you for your help. John Barnhard

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

It can be a difficult decision as to when to remove an old specimen tree from your yard. Keep in mind that ash is a brittle tree, some tree companies will not allow their crew members to climb a dead tree thus increasing the cost of removal.You can get another opinion by contacting a licensed arborist to make an on-site evaluation. Google"Trees are Good" for locating one in your area.