Peace Lily

Asked October 11, 2016, 7:07 PM EDT

Not all but some of the leaves are turning yellow and brown. They have been fed w/ shake n feed miracle grow continuous release plant food. I also use a spray bottle from time to time to miss this air around it so that they feel the humidity. My fear is that maybe they have been overwatered. They're also kept on my porch so they don't get direct sunlight

Baldwin County Alabama

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Your peace lily does look like it may have been over or under watered or both. Overwatering is the more likely problem. You might repot and when you do so, remove any roots that look rotten or unhealthy. vw

I have a healthy peace lily as well. I need some advise on how to split &separate the bulb plant so to have 2 plants. I am a new gardener. When I 1st got plants,it was fairly easy to seperate the roots. But now it us a huge mass of tangled roots. I understand I have to remove each bulb,but how do i identify all stalks to each bulb& then how yo split with least amount of shock and/or damage.

Water the peace lily well. Gently shake it out of the pot and use a hose to wash off soil. Try to tease the clumps apart. When you divide things like the peace lily you sometimes have to grin and bear the fact that you will certainly be damaging roots. Look for an area of space between clumps of stems and just ram your trowel or shovel into the space and cut whatever roots you have to to get the portions apart. See the following link for a detailed discussion of peace lily division. vw