Asked October 11, 2016, 2:30 PM EDT

We have azelas that are losing their leaves have a black and yellow on the leaves, we have one bed that used to get alot of sun, but our trupet tree did not freeze back so blocked alot of the sun, I used to water every day because of all the sun they got, they were doing great, now losing leaved, looks one or two are dead, maybe to much water? I spread with Cooper Fungicide, hope this helps. What would you suggest?


Fort Bend County Texas

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Thanks for your question, Robert. Without a photo, it's impossible to diagnose 100%, but from what you describe, I suspect your azaleas are infected with the azalea lace bug. Fungicides don't kill insects, and spraying a pesticide on top of the leaf is ineffective. Understanding the life cycle of this pest is important, so please read this Aggie link, compare the photos with those of your plants, and follow their directions for control.

Good luck!