Name that animal?

Asked October 11, 2016, 1:53 PM EDT

An animal is leaving large pungent scat on my roof & perhaps elsewhere. I'm guessing it is between 15 to 25 lbs (, the animal that is, not the scat, thank goodness.) I've been cutting down monster wisteria that has taken over much like kudzu does. It has climbed the trees , gone over the electric wire to the house, and is infiltrating the siding. I believe that it's enabling the animal to access my roof but I'm not sure. It is probably a nocturnal animal. Sorry that's not much info but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tarrant County Texas

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Hard to tell from your description. If it has pellet shape and you can see berry seeds and undigested matter it may be opossum; if it is less of a pellet and no identifiable matter it may be a raccoon.

If you could take a photo and send it, that would help.

Thanks so much for responding. Scat is not pellets but plops rather like dog poop. Actually it may be larger than my dogs because the scat was larger than the dogs'. The dogs weigh around 20 lbs each. I don't have a picture to send you. The scat has been removed with rains. I'm still smelling it but I don't know where it is coming from. My poodle mix has taken out a couple of oppossums and a vole. I did have a raccoon get into the garage once several years ago through the soffett but have had that repaired. I live in a suburban area but do seem to have a lot of wildlife around.

With the new information- bet it is a raccoon

Thanks again. They're pretty scary in themselves but I'm glad it's not something bigger.